Topwater strikes from big gamefish are what most anglers live for. The Panic Popper has been designed from front to back as one of the toughest around. Its special cupped face design throws more water further and extra heavy duty hooks and split rings make sure even the biggest fish stay hooked.  

• Both sizes of Manic Popper come prerigged with extra heavy duty split rings and hooks.
• All hook hangers have been tested to over 120 pounds of pulling pressure.
• Designed for maximum casting distance and water spitting action. 

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Code Description RRP (NZD)
SG53970 13.5CM 38GM PINK $14.99
SG53971 13.5CM 38GM GREEN MACKEREL $14.99
SG53972 13.5CM 38GM SARDINE $14.99
SG53974 13.5CM 38GM OLIVE/BLUE $14.99
SG53975 19.5CM 111GM PINK $24.99
SG53976 19.5CM 111GM GREEN MACKEREL $24.99
SG53977 19.5CM 111GM SARDINE $24.99
SG53979 19.5CM 111GM OLIVE/BLUE $24.99
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