FBR150     Big River Calls, Flock Talk, Canada Goose Call.  Big River was founded in 1985 by a world champion game caller and gained popularity with duck and goose hunters up and down the flyway.  Big River Calls, widely renowned for The Long Honker Goose Flute, has grown, over the decades, to offer a wide range of waterfowl calls.  The original walnut and cherry wood calls ring of hunting heritage whil more exotic woods like diamondwood and cocobola along with molded polycarbonate, delivers a new and exciting look and the realistic sound demanded by today's waterfowl hunter.  

  • Short Reed Goose Call 
  • Weatherproof Design Blows Wet
  • Creates an entiore flock of Sounds
  • Requires very little Air Pressure

FBR189   Big River Calls, Long Honker Goose Flute,  The Long Honker has been a favorite of goose hunters for a few decades! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this is an awesome call. It produces that deep, deep honk, cluck, moan, or murmer of an old Canada goose. This polycarb version produces a little sharper sound and more volume than the walnut version, which is a little more mellow.

  • Designed to produce the deep honks, clucks and moans of a canada goose
  • O-ring seal eliminates aire leaks and holds the tone channel securely
  • Easy to operate and requires little air pressure

FBR492   Big River Calls, Painted Lady, Diamondwood Duck Call 

  • Double Reed Design
  • Features non sticking tone channel and open bore for ringing volume
  • Blows Wet

FSF100  Storm Front, Artic Fury, Short Reed Goose Call.  The Artic Fury is built for the demanding hunter looking to produce the most realistic Canada Goose tones that fool Canada Geese.  Designed in partnership with world champion caller and professional hunting guide, Richie McKnight, the end piece has been designed to give the call more built-in back pressure, allowing the call to break with very little air making it easy to operate.  The new wore-in intergral/gut system is tailored to fit the reed perfectely producing deep and guttural Canada goose tones with very quick response time right out of the package. 

FSF120C  Storm Front, Red Cedar Ice Box, Double Reed Duck Call.  Flambeau Outdoors teamed up with world champion caller and professional hunting guide, Richie McKnight, to develop a universal duck call capable of performin gin every duck hunting sceanrio.  Whether a veteran duck caller or first time waterfowler this ducak call will produce loud hail calls and aggresive comeback calls all the way down to soft quacks and feed chuckles

FSF130PK  Storm Front, Frostbite, Single Reed Duck Call.  The new Frostbite single reed was designed by  for the everyday duck hunter.  Designed and hand tuned by world champion caller Richie McKnight, the new Frostbite will do it all from nasty low end quacks, to loud aggresive hail calls. 


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