Blanks manufactured in the traditional C.D. quality manor, helical wraps and 100% uni-directional graphite utilizing 33 and 44 million ton modulus materials and Nano -resins to give that unique light feel and extra bonding strength. These actions and blanks are designed for the perfectionist in casting and presentation, the ultimate spinning rod for those that are out there doing it all the time. Components are all top end Fuji SIC guides and reel seats to befit this ultimate machine and make casting a pleasure 24/7.

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Code Description Price (NZD) Qty Stock
CDREXNANO2213-0314 CDEXN-702ML 213CM 3-14GM! $329.99
CDREXNANO2213-0624 CDEXN-702M 213CM 6-24GM! $329.99
CDREXNANO2235-0519 CDEXN-792ML 235CM 5-19GM! $339.99
CDREXNANO2235-0519TIP CDEXN-792ML 235CM 5-19GM TIP! $159.99
CDREXNANO2235-0726TIP CDEXN-792M 235CM 7-26GM TIP! $169.99
CDREXNANO2235-0835TIP CDEXN-792MH 235CM 8-35GM TIP! $169.99
CDREXNANO2260-0624TIP CDEXN-862M 260CM 6-24GM TIP! $169.99
CDREXNANO2260-1044TIP CDEXN-862H 260CM 10-44GM TIP! $179.99
CDREXNANO2235-0310 CDEXN-792L 235CM 3-10GM! $339.99
CDREXNANO2235-0310TIP CDEXN-792L 235CM 3-10GM TIP! $159.99

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