Blanks manufactured in the traditional C.D. quality manor, helical wraps and 100% uni-directional graphite utilizing 33-44 and 53 million ton modulus materials. These blanks are light but extremely powerful, designed initially for the Russian pro casting team whom still today win their respective tournaments with these powerful and strong weapons. The rods all come with top end Fuji-guides and components, the best Portuguese cork and a high quality cloth bag to protect this awesome machine.

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Code Description Price (NZD) Qty Stock
CDRBR2230-0521 CDBR-762ML 2PC MED/LIGHT 230CM 5-21G! $429.99
CDRBR2230-0728 CDBR-762M 2PC MED 230CM 7-28G! $429.99
CDRBR2252-1035 CDBR-832MH 2PC MED/HVY 252CM 10-35G! $399.99
CDRBR2275-1035 CDBR-902MH 2PC MED/HVY 275CM 10-35G! $424.99
CDRBR2275-1550 CDBR-902H 2PC HEAVY 275CM 15-50G! $429.99
CDRBR2300-1035 CDBR-9102MH 2PC MED/HVY 300CM 10-35G! $439.99
CDRBR2320-1042 CDBR-1062MH 2PC MED/HVY 320CM 10-42G! $474.99
CDRBR2252-0521 CDBR-832ML 2PC MED/LIGHT 252CM 6-12LB! $399.99
CDRBR2252-0728 CDBR-832M 2PC MED 252CM 7-28GR 8-17LB! $399.99
CDRBR2230-0521TIP CDBR-762ML 2PC MED/LIGHT 230CM 5-21G TIP! $169.99
CDRBR2252-0521TIP CDBR-832ML 2PC MED/LIGHT 252CM 6-12LB TIP! $179.99
CDRBR2252-0728TIP CDBR-832M 2PC MED 252CM 7-28GR 8-17LB TIP! $179.99
CDRBR2252-1035TIP CDBR-832MH 2PC MED/HVY 252CM 10-35G TIP! $189.99
CDRBR2275-1550TIP CDBR-902H 2PC HEAVY 275CM 15-50G TIP! $199.99

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