Blanks manufactured in the traditional C.D. quality manor, helical wraps and 100% uni-directional graphite utilizing 24 and 33 ton modulus materials.  Blanks are designed off the top selling Russian spin blanks but are slightly heavier due to the materials used, however this also makes for a very strong and resilient rod for New Zealand conditions. Utilizes the very best componentry from Sea-guide making this a top end affordable rod for the person whom wants to get out there and do it properly without breaking the bank.

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Code Description Price (NZD) Qty Stock
CDRORKA2245-0725 CDORK-802M 2PC 245CM 7-25GR! $219.99
CDRORKA2245-1035 CDORK-802MH 2PC 245CM 10-35GR! $219.99
CDRORKA2245-1550 CDORK-802H 2PC 245CM 15-50GR! $224.99
CDRORKA2260-1035 CDORK-862MH 2PC 260CM 10-35GR! $224.99
CDRORKA2260-1550 CDORK-862H 2PC 260CM 15-50GR! $229.99
CDRORKA2275-0725 CDORK-902M 2PC 275CM 7-25GR! $229.99
CDRORKA2275-1035 CDORK-902MH 2PC 275CM 10-35GR! $229.99
CDRORKA2275-1550 CDORK-902H 2PC 275CM 15-50GR! $229.99
CDRORKA2290-0728 CDORK-962M 2PC 290CM 7-28GR! $239.99
CDRORKA2245-0725TIP 2PC 245CM 7-25GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2245-1035TIP 2PC 245CM 10-35GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2245-1550TIP 2PC 245CM 15-50GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2260-1035TIP 2PC 260CM 10-35GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2260-1550TIP 2PC 260CM 15-50GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2275-0725TIP 2PC 275CM 7-25GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2275-1035TIP 2PC 275CM 10-35GR TIP! $109.99
CDRORKA2275-1550TIP 2PC 275CM 15-50GR TIP! $109.99
CDRORKA2290-0728TIP 2PC 290CM 7-28GR TIP! $109.99

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