Designed as a strong affordable option to spin / cast – excellent start-up rods.
Components: Hard EVA, Local VSS reel seat with local K guide

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Code Description Price (NZD) Qty Stock
CDRORKA2245-0725 CDORK-802M 2PC 245CM 7-25GR! $219.99
CDRORKA2245-1035 CDORK-802MH 2PC 245CM 10-35GR! $219.99
CDRORKA2245-1550 CDORK-802H 2PC 245CM 15-50GR! $224.99
CDRORKA2260-1035 CDORK-862MH 2PC 260CM 10-35GR! $224.99
CDRORKA2260-1550 CDORK-862H 2PC 260CM 15-50GR! $229.99
CDRORKA2275-0725 CDORK-902M 2PC 275CM 7-25GR! $229.99
CDRORKA2275-1035 CDORK-902MH 2PC 275CM 10-35GR! $229.99
CDRORKA2275-1550 CDORK-902H 2PC 275CM 15-50GR! $229.99
CDRORKA2290-0728 CDORK-962M 2PC 290CM 7-28GR! $239.99
CDRORKA2245-0725TIP 2PC 245CM 7-25GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2245-1035TIP 2PC 245CM 10-35GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2245-1550TIP 2PC 245CM 15-50GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2260-1035TIP 2PC 260CM 10-35GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2260-1550TIP 2PC 260CM 15-50GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2275-0725TIP 2PC 275CM 7-25GR TIP! $99.99
CDRORKA2275-1035TIP 2PC 275CM 10-35GR TIP! $109.99
CDRORKA2275-1550TIP 2PC 275CM 15-50GR TIP! $109.99
CDRORKA2290-0728TIP 2PC 290CM 7-28GR TIP! $109.99

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