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Code Description Price (NZD) Qty Stock
CDBLGC1-2258-1530 GC1 2PC 258CM 8'5 15-30GM 4-6KG $117.99
CDBLGC2-2288-3062 GC2 2PC 288CM 9'6 30-62GM 6-8KG $139.99
CDBLGC3-2288-60125 GC3 2PC 288CM 9'6 60-125GM 8-10KG $159.99
CDBLGC4-2288-90190 GC4 2PC 288CM 9'6 90-190GM 10-12KG $179.99
CDBLGC5-2288-150300 GC5 2PC 288CM 9'6 150-300GM 12-15KG $169.99
CDBLGC1-2258-1530TIP TIP SECTION;GC1 258CM 8'5 15-30GM 4-6KG $56.99
CDBLGC2-2288-3062TIP TIP SECTION;GC2 288CM 9'6 30-62GM 6-8KG $63.99
CDBLGC3-2288-60125TIP TIP SECTION;GC3 288CM 9'6 60-125GM 8-10KG $69.99
CDBLGC4-2288-90190TIP TIP SECTION;GC4 288CM 9'6 90-190GM 10-12KG $83.99
CDBLGC5-2288-150300TIP TIP SECTION;GC5 288CM 9'6 150-300GM 12-15KG $85.99

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