Designed by the infamous Dmitry Shabalin in Russia to win most tournaments there.

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Code Description Price (NZD) Qty Stock
CDBLBR2230-0521 2PC 230CM 5-21GR 8-17LB! $149.99
CDBLBR2230-0728 2PC 230CM 7-28GR 10-20LB! $149.99
CDBLBR2252-1035 2PC 252CM 10-35GR 10-20LB! $179.99
CDBLBR2275-1035 2PC 275CM 10-35GR 12-20LB! $199.99
CDBLBR2300-1035 2PC 300CM 10-35GR 12-20LB! $229.99
CDBLBR2320-1042 2PC 320CM 10-42GR 10-25LB! $269.99
CDBLBR2252-0521 2PC 252CM 5-21GR 3-6KG! $169.99
CDBLBR2252-0728 2PC 252CM 7-28GR 4-8KG! $169.99
CDBLBR2252-0521TIP 2PC 252CM 5-21GR 3-6KG TIP! $87.99
CDBLBR2252-0728TIP 2PC 252CM 7-28GR 4-8KG TIP! $89.99
CDBLBR2275-1035TIP 2PC 275CM 10-35GR 12-20LB TIP! $95.99

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