Returns this time with a nano additive making these rods and blanks approx 10-15% stronger whilst retaining the extreme lightness & sensitivity.

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Code Description Price (NZD) Qty Stock
CDBLEXNANO2213-0314 2PC 213CM 3-14GR 4-12LB! $119.99
CDBLEXNANO2213-0624 2PC 213CM 6-24GR 8-17LB! $119.99
CDBLEXNANO2235-0519 2PC 235CM 5-19GR 8-15LB! $119.99
CDBLEXNANO2235-0726 2PC 235CM 7-26GR 8-17LB! $129.99
CDBLEXNANO2235-0835 2PC 235CM 8-35GR 10-20LB $139.99
CDBLEXNANO2260-0624 2PC 260CM 6-24GR 8-17LB! $129.99
CDBLEXNANO2260-0835 2PC 260CM 8-35GR 10-20LB! $139.99
CDBLEXNANO2260-1044 2PC 260CM 10-44GR 10-25LB! $139.99
CDBLEXNANO2213-0314TIP 2PC 213CM 3-14GR 4-12LB TIP! $49.99
CDBLEXNANO2235-0519TIP 2PC 235CM 5-19GR 8-15LB TIP! $55.99
CDBLEXNANO2235-0726TIP 2PC 235CM 7-26GR 8-17LB TIP! $59.99
CDBLEXNANO2235-0835TIP 2PC 235CM 8-35GR 10-20LB TIP $59.99
CDBLEXNANO2260-0835TIP 2PC 260CM 8-35GR 10-20LB TIP! $69.99
CDBLEXNANO2260-1044TIP 2PC 260CM 10-44GR 10-25LB TIP! $69.99
CDBLEXNANO2213-0624TIP 2PC 213CM 6-24GR 8-17LB TIP! $55.99
CDBLEXNANO2235-0310 2PC 235CM 3-10GR 8-15LB $139.99
CDBLEXNANO2235-0310TIP 2PC 235CM 3-10GR 8-15LB TIP $69.99

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