All Pakula Hooks are Stainless Steel 420JR

Pakula Dojo Hooks are custom made specifically for Pakula Tackle Australia. The hooks are double ground pre-sharpened, made in Korea using high strength 402J2 Stainless Steel.

Dojo Hooks are a very short hook with a wide gape and turned in beak point shaped to maximise hook up rates.

To minimise confusion with hook sizes Dojo hooks sized according to their gape.This is a useful method to choose the right sized hook. For a skirted lure, the hook gape should equal the lure head diameter as a minimum size. Using a hook size larger than hook diameter is becoming more popular. 

Dojo Hooks are designed to use on a lose loop rig such as the Pakula Swivel, Keel and Shackle Rig. Please don't use them on Stiff or Semi Stiff Rigs.

Note that points and barbs are generic as the same hook can be used with several line classes. Though points and barbs are usable straight out of the package you may wish to adjust points and barbs with a file to suit your personal preference.

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Code Description RRP (NZD)
PADHX25 25MM PACK OF 4 $39.99
PADHX30 30MM PACK OF 4 $39.99
PADHX35 35MM PACK OF 4 $54.99
PADHX40 40MM PACK OF 4 $49.99
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