Okuma prides itself on shattering price barriers in an effort to deliver high-quality tackle to anglers of all financial means. SLV series fly reels are the latest example. With super large arbor spool design for blazing fast line retrieval, SLV reels keep pace with the fastest species in water. Die cast aluminum frame, precision machined stainless steel spool shaft, one-way roller bearing and multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system read like the specifications of reels costing two- to three-times as much. With a total commitment to advancing the quality of your fishing experience, the SLV selection begins with a 2/3 model and continues through 10/11. Easily affordable spare spools allow you to outfit your efforts with a selection of line types.

SLV Fly Reel Features:

  • Multi-Disk Cork and Stainless Steel Drag Washers
  • Roller bearing allows the drag to engage in one direction only
  • Precision Machined Brass Bushing Drive System
  • Precision Machined Stainless Steel Spool Shaft
  • ALC: Alumilite Diecast Aluminum Frame
  • Diecast Super Large arbor spool design
  • Non-slip positive grip rubberized handle knobs
  • Easy to change left to right hand retrieval conversion.

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Code Description RRP (NZD)
OKRESLV2/3 FLY REEL #2/3 $139.99
OKRESLV4/5 FLY REEL #4/5 $139.99
OKRESLV4/5SP SPOOL #4/5 $69.99
OKRESLV5/6 FLY REEL #5/6 $139.99
OKRESLV5/6SP SPOOL #5/6 $69.99
OKRESLV7/8 FLY REEL #7/8 $139.99
OKRESLV7/8SP SPOOL #7/8 $69.99
OKRESLV8/9 FLY REEL #8/9 $139.99
OKRESLV8/9SP SPOOL #8/9 $69.99
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