The Rotex Spinner has been perfected in shape after thousands of hours of testing. Its rotation is perfect in both rivers and streams as well as still water - even at slow speeds and immediately when the spinner hits the water. Each spinner is tank tested and hand painted. Each lure is an individual piece of Jewellery equipped with Customised Japanese Treble hooks.

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Code Description RRP (NZD)
SG42113 #1 3.5GM 01 DIRTYSILVER! $9.99
SG42114 #1 3.5GM 02 COPPER! $9.99
SG42115 #1 3.5GM 03 GOLD! $9.99
SG42118 #2 5.5GM 01 DIRTY SILVER! $9.99
SG42119 #2 5.5GM 02 COPPER! $9.99
SG42120 #2 5.5GM 03 GOLD! $9.99
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