The Caviar spinners have a built in offset tungsten ball in the fish egg imitating body - giving unparalleled casting distance and a true 'Non-kink' function. The grade A stainless steel blade has been perfected in shape, after thousands of hours of testing - to give perfect rotation in both rivers and streams as well as still water, even at slow speed and immediately as the spinner hits the water. Each spinner is tank-tested and is an individual piece of Jewellery, constructed using high quality components and equipped with Customised Japanese Treble hooks. Superb for Trout, Salmon and most Predators out there.

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Code Description RRP (NZD)
SG40958 #2 6GM 02 COPPER! $9.99
SG40959 #2 6GM 03 GOLD! $9.99
SG40962 #3 9.5GM 01 SILVER! $12.99
SG40963 #3 9.5GM 02 COPPER! $12.99
SG43625 #4 18GM 02 COPPER! $14.99
SG43626 #4 18GM 04 FL ORANGE/SILVER! $14.99
SG43627 #4 18GM 05 FIRETIGER! $14.99
SG43629 #4 18GM 07 YELL/CHARTREUSE! $14.99
SG40960 #2 6GM 04 FL ORANGE/SILVER! $9.99
SG40961 #2 6GM 05 FIRETIGER! $9.99
SG40965 #3 9.5GM 04 FL ORANGE/SILVER! $12.99
SG40966 #3 9.5GM 05 FIRETIGER! $12.99
SG42310 #2 6GM 07 FL YELL/CHARTREUSE! $9.99
SG42313 #3 9.5GM 07 FL YELL/CHARTREUSE! $12.99
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